Saturday, 17 May 2014

33 & A Nerd #13: REM - Talk About Our Passion

Choose your favourite REM album they said
That's easy we thought - I have a very definite idea
But we were wrong
Oh so wrong

But we did it anyway


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You'll have to listen to find out which albums we selected to champion but here are the usual visual aids to the show

The gig setlist for the Grand Rex, Paris 20th June 1989 that Mr Sqwubsy attended

REM performing Shiny Happy Monsters On Sesame Street

the performance that sent a young Spencer barreling to his local record shop

REM performing 'Walk Unfraid' as they did in Hyde Park after the 7\7\ London bombings

Recent interview with Peter Buck about his 2nd solo album, that old band and what a retired rock star does all day

STOP PRESS: Since recording this podcast DaveDogFacedBoy has purchased a vinyl copy of REM's last studio album - 'Collapse Into Now' but has not listened to it yet. 

The dream continues....

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  1. Yes please, do part two about their eighties and where to begin with the IRS years. And I´m glad to hear I´m not the only one being a fan of Up. With those synths it reminds me of Sunflower and Surf´s Up. Considering Mills and Buck´s love of The Beach Boys I think it´s possible I have a point.