Saturday, 19 April 2014

33 & A Nerd #12: You Can Hear The Beards


With the ever popular team of Ola, Blue Paul & Dr J on the line we address the latters bug bear - "authenticity in music". where b&w photographs suggest serious and sincere, humour has no home
and selling out is not an option

We also discuss those dream / missed / cancelled and downright terrific gigs we've moved heaven, earth and bank balance to see plus the retirement of a giant American television pioneer.

Yes! We talk about something that isn't music on the twelfth '33 & A Nerd' podcast!

Please - you're welcome to pull up a chair and listen - we won't 'jardine' you.


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Kevin Rowland's letter to 'Ant & Dec' after the band were asked to perform 'Come On Eileen' on the popular Saturday night entertainment television show.

That 'Nez' convention notice board in all its glory

King of Late Night David Letterman's extraordinary monologue on his first show following the 9\11 attacks

Dave, a monkey on roller-skates - what more do you need?

Friday, 4 April 2014

33 & A Nerd #11: Don't Mention The Ronettes!

The Shangri-las in their classic "yeah, what?" pose

Yes, the Girl Groups of the Sixties reign over this episode of the podcast. We talk about the big hitters but also those hidden gems you might not be aware of. 

Starting this month as for shows in the future with mucho music there will be a streaming only version of the show via Mixcloud where you can hear the tracks in full.




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As we say many times throughout the podcast, Ace Records are your first stop shop for all things girl pop but we specifically recommend

Girls With Guitars Vol.I
Destroy That Boy: Girls With Guitars Vol.II
and the newly released
The Rebel Kind: Girls With Guitars Vol.III

And their monumental 'Where The Girls Are' 8 volume (so far) series which kicks off with 'Condition Red' by 'The Goodees' 
Where The Girls Are Vol.I

All Shangri-Las is good but this catch-all comp is tough to beat buy here

The wonderful Light In The Attic Records are responsible for unearthing the solid gold class of Honey Ltd.
Honey Ltd : the Complete LHI Recordings

The Liverbirds complete discography is available on one handy CD 
From Merseyside To Hamburg: The Complete Star-Club Recordings
from (yes, you guessed it) Ace Records. 

Here are the band shaking up a storm on the very first episode of German TV's legendary 'Beat Club'.

The biker on the 'He's A Rebel' sleeve was a far less threatening prospect than the song or other pop culture of the time made him out to be. 

As The Whyte Boots sound in their dramatic disc 'Nightmare' - they are not to be messed with.

The Marvelettes 'Twistin' Postman' perhaps had a little more about it in the live version - see what you think.

The long deleted but wonderfully packaged 'One Kiss Can lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found' can be picked up new and used from the tax dodgers if you're feeling flush.

And finally here are The Shangri-las standing on a street corner chatting about their guys.