Monday, 30 December 2013

33 & A Nerd #6: Billy Joel In Dublin

For reasons lost in the mists of late night Twitter chat, my pal Hannah & I went to Dublin, Ireland to see Billy Joel at the O2 Centre despite him being readily available in nearby London, England a few days later. We had a massively enjoyable time so listen to us chat about it with Dubliner Doctor J. We couldn't do the podcast in Dublin at the time due to the massive amount of fun on offer so here were are connected my the miracles of technology

Our 2nd multi city gig review will be with you before the eyar is out!

And in 2014 regular podcast activity will commence with military precision. No honest. 

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

33 & A Nerd #5 : Elvis Costello

In our first international podcast a gathering of Costello trainspotters cast their eye over 'Wise Up Ghost' Elvis' new album with The Roots. PLUS in response to a listeners request we try and answer the question - 'Punch The Clock' - why is it so underrated?' 

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

33 & A Nerd #4 : Kathryn Williams In Conversation

Our fourth podcast and our first guest! - Singer songwriter KATHRYN WILLIAMS was kind enough to sit with us on busy London street and chat about her new album, Crown Electric, released on 30th September. 

To find out more about the album and see her on tour - go "like" her Facebook page

And the show now has its own FB page at where you can keep up with what were are up to


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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Podcast 3: Show & Tell #1

Sorry for the radio silence - life is what happens when you're busy making other plans etc

But we return with a quick buzz through some music we have discovered whilst we have been away. Spencer Rocks and myself have picked a trio of tracks each to jaw about as best we can. We hope you enjoy what we have picked enough to investigate further

Here are the links to all the stuff we discussed over the course of the podcast

Share and enjoy and we will see you soon - thanks for listening!


Acid Jazz : The Vinyl
Any Day Now: Bowie London Years 1947-74

TRES CHIC: More French Girl Singers Of the 1960's 
Ace Records - BUY STUFF!


(the 6music session tracks have vanished but keep an eye on their soundcloud anyway)


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Podcast #2 : Carole King - Now That Everything's Been Said (The City) & The Legendary Demos

So we made it to number 2!

You can download it from Libsyn or this i-tunes link

This particular 'cast came out of a suggestion from a pal, Brian, who flagged up 'Now That Everything Been Said' by The City as one of the greatest albums you've never heard. Carole King's involvement and my knowledge of her career but total ignorance in this platter was perfect for the podcast

Brian was superb in talking about Carole and the album and I was more than happy to let him talk effusively which he does. We cross the 1hr mark which I don't like but I have edited this pretty hard. I think from now on, 1 album per cast is the limit as any more will lead to boredom on the listener's behalf. 


We couldn't recall the magic mic setup that worked so well last time so this goes a little awry and I had to fiddle with the levels here and there but I hope it doesn't spoil things

Further listening:

Now That Everything's Been Said - The City - available on i-tunes/ Spotify / Amazon Mp3s and deleted on 1999 CD imprint and 1968 original vinyl issue

The Legendary Demos - Carole King - i-tunes / CD/ LP

And these are two fabulous comps that Brian brought along with him that I immediately went out and purchased

The Songs Of Carole King - 3 CDs of artists performing Carole King & Goffin & King songs. Pretty comprehensive and has a couple of very early Carole solo cuts too

Goffin & King: Song Collection 1961-67 - An Ace Records compilation of performance of G&K material which includes the version of Dusty Springfield's 'I Wasn't Born To Follow' that we discuss during the cast 

So any feedback welcome at

This is the 1st of our casts to premiere on I-tunes so feel free to subscribe and leave us 5 or 1 star reviews

Next podcast will be with you sooner rather than later. We're starting to pick up steam

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Podcast #1: Supplementary material

Just a couple of things to add to the show notes

Chu Bop miniature bubblegum records: The 1970's & 80's music fans version of Pokemon and Crazy Crocos. Plenty going on Ebay but I wouldn't eat em then or now!

That French & Saunders sketch featuring Lulu singing The Man Who Sold The World (from about the 3:00 minute mark

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Podcast #1: A David Bowie Special: Toy & The Next Day

'Forget all I've said, please bear me no ill, Oh by jingo' 

So here it is the first of what I hope will be many a 33 & A Nerd podcast.

Show notes: 
a)  OK so its a little longer than the planned 40 mins but call it a bumper 1st issue \ punishment
b)  I know it is 'Song OF Norway' I knew it then and i know it everytime I hear it spill from my stupid mouth
c)  and FOTHERINGALE - argh!
d)  Sorry to any Suede fans but it was too funny to leave out
e)  Please be patient - this is the first time any of us have attempted anything like this
f)   The sound is good thou, isn't it?

Thanks must first go to Spencer Rocks (Punk\Garage DJ - available for hatches, matches and dispatches) and rock photographer Mr Sqwubsy (available for weddings, bar mitzvah and conceptions (candid photography)) for their patience, contributions, ideas and friendship without which etc
Thanks to Bob \ Idiotbear for the music and minibreakfast from for the title of our new enterprise

We need your feedback to improve so please - give it to me one more time
All complaints \ writs and abuse can be posted here or email at:

Whether you like it or loathe it, - spread it to everyone you know and we will do more!