Wednesday, 26 February 2014

33 & A Nerd #8 : The Bloody Beatles Vol.1 (or "The Red Podcast")

You think that everything to say about the Beatles has been said? Well you maybe right right but that hasn't stopped an international panel of Beatles nerds from having a go.
  • Why are we still obsessed with the band 50 years on?
  • Have they ruined music for everyone since?
  • Why are they more popular now than they were during thier lifetime?
  • How many people and dogs were living in Sweden in 1963?

this and other conundrums are mused over in the next 45 minutes or so

Beatles spela till flera tittare och nĂ¥gra hundar i November 1963

Sky Arts On Demand has the David Quantick penned drama Snodgrass 
to view. Despite my nitpicking it is a nice litlle curio with another excellent Lennon from Ian Hart.



Liverpool fans at The Kop End of Anfield in 1964 - with apologies to Blue Paul!

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