Saturday, 15 March 2014

33 & A Nerd #10: 'Morrissey's Uncle Killed My Arsenal'

This episode is the first "in a room" podcast we've done for a while with Mr Sqwubsy, Adrian Specs and Vorgongod on a lazy post-pub Sunday afternoon in North London. Our topic was Morrissey's 'Kill Uncle' and 'Your Arsenal' albums, the latter of which has just been reissued but as usual we freewheeled everywhere.

- What's the best Morrissey B-side?
- Was 'Your Arsenal' the template used from then til now?
- Which John Deacon played on the album?

- The whole NME / Madstock debacle from an eyewitness POV.

You can find Adrian's excellent blog at

Morrissey's Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1988 debut solo gig where you had to wear a Moz or Smiths T-shirt to gain entry suddenly appeared online last year. Watch it!

One of the few points raised by DogFacedBoy during the podcast was the memory of a picture of Morrissey with a cat on his head. Here is the proof.

The original 'I Was Morrissey's Roadie' article is behind Murdoch's paywall at The Times but here is a little flavour of it here


You can find the NME's 1992 'This Alarming Man' piece at the stunning Morrissey Scans tumblr here


Here is the photo from Time Out magazine with Moz wearing the T-shirt that Mr Sqwubsy gave him at Hook End Studios during the album sessions.

'Your Arsenal (Definitive Master)' reissue is available now on CD (with bonus live at Shoreline Ampitheatre, 1991 DVD) and heavyweight gatefold vinyl



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